Hong Kong from the head office80S,Start selling rather strange water high pressure equipment in Hong Kong,High pressure cleaning equipment was acting brand around the world。In sales at the same time also has accumulated more than 10 years experience in sales and maintenance of high pressure water cleaning equipment,Absorb the advantages of each brand and understand its shortcomings,Throughout the year2001In preparation for and established the following year“Jiangmen zhongtian is a mechanical and electrical co., LTD”。The company from Europe、Such as the United States to order high quality high-pressure pump head and its high pressure parts back home,And products to the domestic、Outside the market...

High pressure cleaning machine how to troubleshoot
  High pressure cleaner is impact by high pressure water pump by power unit object appearance of the machine。 It can remove dirt and wash it clean,To clean the intention of the external object。 Because of..
High pressure cleaner can't ignore..
  A link:Scientifically selecting suitable product you demand is life。 Whether we are enterprise or individual,When purchasing a high pressure cleaning machine,We must be selected according to the financial budget..